Full Spectrum Mindfulness is a groundbreaking new web course that combines Western approaches to Growing Up with Eastern methods of Waking Up, taught by one of the world’s greatest living philosophers of the mind, Ken Wilber.

You have a warrior  in you.
And it wants to awaken.
You have a lover  in you.
And it yearns to awaken.
You have an achiever  in you.
And it strives to awaken.
You have an activist  in you.
And it seeks to awaken.
You have a master  in you.
And it is here to awaken.
You have a sage  in you.
And it is already awakened.

Multiple  layers  of  evolutionary intelligence.

Over 10,000 years of human history, all living inside of you.

Each  with  a  different  voice,  each  with  different  needs.

And each ready to wake up right now, so you can show up as the awesome, full-spectrum powerhouse that you really are.

Regular  approaches  to  mindfulness  practice  won’t  wake  them  up.

Not even close.

This  one  will.

What Is Full Spectrum Mindfulness?

Full Spectrum Mindfulness combines hard-hitting mindfulness practice with leading-edge discoveries in neuroscience and developmental psychology, giving you what you need to dramatically deepen your awareness and skill by awakening the eight major levels of evolution alive in you right now.

Through this course you will learn how to take a “full spectrum scan” of your total being, shining a light into some of the hardest-to-reach corners of your psyche. It will help you locate and upgrade outdated coping strategies, discover and heal trouble spots in your system, and tap into the power of mindfulness at eight levels of your life, mindset, patterns, and behavior.

What makes Full Spectrum Mindfulness different from the rest?

Simple. It gets beneath the surface.

Most other approaches to mindfulness allow you to become more conscious of whatever is happening in the moment, helping you bring more awareness to your thoughts, emotions, and surrounding environment as they arise in your consciousness. There are dozens of truly amazing mindfulness techniques out there that truly excel at this, any one of which can become an important part of your own Integral Life Practice.

However, while these traditional techniques do an excellent job of helping you become more mindful of the surface features of your moment-to-moment experience, they have a much more difficult time getting to the deep features of your consciousness — those aspects of your psyche that cannot easily be seen through contemplation or introspection alone, yet exert an enormous influence upon your perceptions, your reactions, and the way you make sense of the world.

These are the invisible structures through which you filter all of your experiences. Studied, tested, and verified across all known cultures by some of the world’s greatest psychologists, these deep structures give shape to your thoughts, add color to your emotions, and bring coherence to your identity.

What are these “deep features”?


The base of the pyramid, survival mindfulness is a critical component of managing your health, enhancing your vitality, and breaking free of the stranglehold that food holds over your life.


Sexual mindfulness is the root of maintaining erotic polarity, being present with your lover and maintaining a lifetime of deep sexual connection.


Own it, wield it wisely, and learn to navigate it, because power mindfulness is a foundation of setting boundaries and knowing where you stand in this world.


Love mindfulness supercharges your deepest relationships and connections with the most important people in your life in the deepest way possible, aligning your heart with something much greater than yourself.


Achievement mindfulness aids your ability to author your own life and future, helping you learn to channel your power and focus on delivering the real-world results that move the needle in your life.


Harmony mindfulness grounds a deep sensitivity to the most pressing moral issues of a world in pain with the presence and love to act as a healing force wherever you go.


In a world of seemingly-irresolvable tensions, competing mindsets, and differing worldviews, wholeness mindfulness gives you the capability to gauge and respond to every situation with wisdom, presence, and skillful clarity.


Modern science has shown how your happiness, deep flow states, and even your life purpose are tied to awakening to and serving something bigger than yourself, which is what unity mindfulness—one of the pinnacle forms of mindfulness—is all about.

Full Spectrum Mindfulness is the very first approach to help you become more familiar and fluent with both the surface features and the deep features of your mind, allowing you to expand your awareness to the innermost depths of your being.

Ready to begin your journey with Full Spectrum Mindfulness?

Awareness is curative.

Some of the most difficult knots in your psyche — the ones that hold you back, limit your joy, and sometimes even cause you pain — these knots can often be loosened and released simply by bringing conscious awareness to them. And mindfulness practice could be an ideal way to deliver this curative awareness. But here’s the problem: all conventional approaches to mindfulness can do is help you become more conscious of the symptoms. What they can’t do is get you to the deeper source of the issue. They are unable to bring curative awareness to the innermost parts of you.

Conventional mindfulness techniques will help you become more aware of your overall thought and behavior patterns, like noticing the difference between emotional eating and genuine hunger for example. However, these patterns are often just the surface ripples of a much deeper challenge lurking far below the surface of your conscious mind — your overall relationship with food, in this case, which first began to come online before you even began forming memories.

Which means that even our very best approaches to mindfulness over the centuries have been incomplete. After all, if you’re only scratching the surface of your mind, how full can your mindfulness practice possibly be?

Are you ready to awaken 10,000 years of evolution inside you?

Full Spectrum Mindfulness is a self-directed web course, meaning you can go through each of the 19 teaching modules at your own pace. Includes more than 8 hours of hi-def video teachings and practices, audio versions of all lessons, written transcripts of each lesson, and special bonus content. This course runs beautifully on iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices, so you can take your mindfulness practice with you wherever you go!

The base price of the Full Spectrum Mindfulness course is $245, but you you are invited to register today for just $195. This offer won’t last long, so sign up today!

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Full Spectrum Mindfulness is a groundbreaking new web course that combines Western approaches to Growing Up with Eastern methods of Waking Up, taught by one of the world’s greatest living philosophers of the mind, Ken Wilber.

Full Spectrum Mindfulness: Wake Up, Grow Up

by Ken Wilber

It is often said in the great wisdom Traditions that typical, conventional life is like a dream, an illusion, a mistaken reality. And what it’s mistaken for is the real Reality, an ultimate unity, oneness, infinite harmony and interconnectedness with the entire universe—the discovery of our real Self, Big Mind, the groundless Ground of all Being, the Supreme Identity, the Great Liberation in infinite Spirit. Mindfulness meditation, for example, was created as a practice that will help us experience this Enlightenment, Awakening, ultimate Transformation. This is the profound path of Waking Up, and it is found in the great Traditions around the world.

On the other hand, according to these Traditions, the typical, conventional, orthodox Western psychologies only deal with the illusory self—the finite, conventional, skin‑encapsulated ego. Its typical developmental processes are altogether called the path of Growing Up.

So we have the path of Waking Up—which deals with ultimate Reality, with the Ground of all Being, with the divine Self and infinite Spirit—and we have the path of Growing Up—which deals with the finite self, the ordinary, conventional, typical small self and its changes, the path of Growing Up.

But even the great Traditions acknowledge that both of these realities, both of these paths, are important—one being relatively real (Growing Up), and one being ultimately real (Waking Up)—or relative and ultimate truth. But as profound as the Great Traditions are, their major limitation is that they don’t deal with the path of Growing Up in any detailed fashion; they point to the absolute Self, but don’t know how to help the relative self function and thrive. Western psychologies, on the other hand, have mapped out upwards of a dozen major stages that the relative self goes through on its way to maturity, and even somebody who is Enlightened will go through these stages (even if they aren’t exclusively identified with them, as the typical person is). The relative self is, in fact, the vehicle or vessel through which the absolute Self will express itself, manifest itself, communicate itself. The more mature the relative self of an Enlightened person is, then the more impressive, coherent, and inspiring the Enlightened person’s absolute Self and its message will be.

This presentation brings together the best of Western ways to Grow Up and the Eastern ways of Waking Up. That is, it combines the best of developmental psychologies with the best of the mindfulness traditions, to produce a whole, integrated, harmonious practice of Waking Up to the highest reality and then expressing that through the highest and most mature self of Growing Up. This is actually the first time that these two paths have been comprehensively brought together, and its results can be applied across almost any activity desired—helping to increase success, presence, and authenticity from work to relationships to family to heightened self‑realization.

The result of such practice is to experience the fundamental wellbeing of Waking Up through and from the highest stages of Growing Up. This combines a genuine Awakening to nondual unity consciousness (or Waking Up) with a fully grown, bright, and integrated individual self. We will go through many experiential exercises designed to do exactly that. This gives us an awakening to our deepest Ground and Being, expressed through our highest self and development—and this, again, gives us a direct and extremely positive relationship to our work, our relationships, our thoughts and actions, our total being in the world. Please come and join us in this extraordinary awareness. I’m very much looking forward to being with you in this amazing adventure of Growing Up and Waking Up!